Why the Kendall and Kylie App is the Bomb

Since last week, I’ve been suffering from an illness that no grown-up woman would ever want to have in her adult life—CHICKENPOX. I know, right? And the saddest part of it is that most of it are on my face. So while I was self-pitying about how this chickenpox would scar my face forever, my niece was like, ‘Hey I’m playing, like, a cool game, it’s just like The Sims, you have a job and a house….it’s called Kendall and Kylie’ blah blah blah. So yeah, I ended up downloading it.

Okay, so why do I like it? Well, it’s pretty much like what I do—blogging—you get to attend parties, blog and vlog them and there’s like an Instagram account (I even have more likes and followers in this app than in real life lol) where you gain followers and where you post your daily activities. What’s awesome about it is that you can play dress up, you have the full collection of Kylie’s lipstick line and different hair colors to match your style. Also, you get to date the coolest and hottest guys and also get to network with pretty awesome people. The best part of it is you’re part of Ken and Ky’s clique–you guys have each other’s numbers and they follow you on social media.

I think it’s also like a know-how when it comes to building your brand. It gives you guide on how to get gigs and having your own style. I like it very much. You really should give it a try, girlfriend! Here’s the link of the app to iOS and Android. Plus here are some snaps of my character, Isla Martinez and the Kendall and Kylie app. Enjoy!

Meet my character, Isla Martinez!

This where my closet is—everything I need to get glammed up!

This is where I take selfies for my social media.

I can even take Kendall or Ky with me in the pic and even put some really cool stickers in it 😊

Here is your network. And by the way, Ben McManus is my bae. We were hooked up by Kendall herself! Ha ha!
 You can put different emotions to your selfie

And this is my social media. Pretty cool, huh?

These are the list of activities you need to accomplish.

This app is very cool and not bad enough if you want to be popular in your own way.  Download it to see the rest of what you can do in it!




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