My Bag and What’s Inside


What’s in your bag? If you’re a girl, then you probably have what’s in mine. 

What’s in my bag are JUST my normal everyday essentials. I do not usually bring excess stuff I wouldn’t be needing because it would just add more weight to my purse thus, make my life a little difficult (especially if I will be out the whole day). So here goes the stuff I bring on a normal day out with my girls or my boyfriend.

1.Oh My Bag PH Base Shaper

Hands down to Oh My Bag Ph for sending me this. Now I do not have to worry about my stuff getting lost inside my bag like it’s a blackhole or something. Because of this base shaper, my things now stay where they are –exactly where I put them inside my bag. Follow Oh My Bag PH Instagram, @OhMyBagPhils, or click here to visit their website for affordable bag care products.

2. iPad Mini

My iPad has my schedules and it is where I sometimes do my blogposts whenever I cannot bring my laptop with me. Good thing WordPress has an app that I can do almost everything with it– from blogposts to customizing my blogsite (how convenient is that?).

3. My iPhone

Question: who doesn’t bring their cellphones with them?

4. Sunglasses

Well, I don’t know where you all reside but if you plan to visit the Philippines, sunglasses are a must as Mr. Sun is high most of the time (especially during high noon). Two reasons why I always bring my sunglasses; 1. To protect myself from the UV rays of the sun and 2.,to avoid squinting because that would cost me a wrinkle or two. Can’t risk that!

5. Perfume

One of my favorite scents by Lanvin is Eclat. I always bring this for emergency purposes. It could be that last minute night out with your girls, or that surprise date. Better be ready!

6. Wallet

I love my wallet from Fino– it’s handmade, Philippine made, and leather at a reasonable price. What I like about Fino is its lifetime warranty. No, it’s not free but you’ll just pay a minimum price to have them fix the broken zipper of your bag or wallet. So good, right? It’s actually so good that I’m planning to buy a handbag this Christmas! Check out their leatherware on Instagram, @FinoLeatherware or click here to visit their website.

7. Makeup Kit

It’s funny because I always bring my makeup kit with me but find myself not reapplying my makeup the whole day.  I guess this is again one for the emergency dates and night outs (at least I can change form day to night makeup).

What’s in your bag? I’d like to see! Comment your links below.




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