Own Christmas! A Pre-Holiday Blogger’s Workshop

 How do we truly own Christmas? Top Pick Advertising answers that for us.


November 25th — Top Pick Advertising held a pre-holiday bloggers’ workshop at Green Sun in Makati. The event was sponsored by El Real, Walter, Gandour, La Filipina, MyPhone, Green Sun, and Goldilocks.

During the first part of the workshop, Ms. Tracy, in partnership with RC Crafts and Goldilocks showed us different techniques and styles in gift wrapping. One thing I remembered about it was to always show a part of your gift especially if it’s food because most of the time people don’t open gifts ’til Christmas day.

I love how the beautiful gift wrapping ideas were made out of, well, recycled materials. Not only that we save Mother Earth from cutting down more trees, we also reduce the garbage by recycling stuff and make them into something more useful like gift wrappers. Plus, we lessen the clutter in our very homes (I think the latter one suits me, LOL).


Next on the program was Chef Carol, who taught us how to make our very own healthy pasta. If you’re into health and fitness, this recipe would work for you. It’s called El Real Shrimp with Sundried Tomato Pesto Pasta (it sounds and definitely tastes delish!)–all thanks to El Real’s Healthy Spaghetti, the first naturally healthy spaghetti in the local market that is made with real malunggay and carrot bits, I can now serve a guilt-free dish this Christmas. Perfect for a healthy substitute for us healthy people (yes, I’d like to believe I’m eating clean because of this journey I started called fitness). Now, I don’t have to starve myself this Christmas for the fear of ruining my diet and for that, I thank El Real Healthy Spaghetti. For more information on their products, you may like their page on Facebook, El Real Pasta.

So, how do we truly own Christmas? I say make it more special by adding a personal touch to your gifts, dishes, and decorations. Yes, make them personalized. That way, your family and friends will feel the Christmas vibe more this year. Do you have other ideas on how to own Christmas? Hit them in the comment box below!

Here are some snaps from the workshop. Enjoy!


Ms. Elna Jagape, Head of Top Pick Advertising, giving everyone the welcome speech.


The event was hosted by no other than Mr. Archie Zapanto of TV 5. There was never a dull moment with this guy behind the mic. All thanks to that witty brain of his, of course.


Had so much fun with Lia Lucheon Meat right here!


La Filipina changes the way people see pork by bringing these products in the local market. I’ll admit, their products didn’t appeal to me at first because I didn’t really associate pork with being healthy. Well apparently, pork’s lean meat is easier to digest than of the beef’s ( it should be lean meat, may I just remind you). And to add to that information, it is really delicious! It’s available at 7 Eleven stores nationwide. Perfect with egg or in a pan de sal in the morning. Yum!


The winners in La Filipina’s raffle draw. Congratulations!



 Of course Christmas wouldn’t be  complete without Goldilocks’ yummy treats for everyone! This Santa face is my favorite!


This event wouldn’t be much on an event if there was no dancing! Way to go sisters!


Congratulations too Sir Ver Garcia and Ms. Anna Liza Gaspar for winning the raffle! Lucky guys!


Our friend from MyPhone presenting about when and how MyPhone started. And yes, we also couldn’t believe ourselves, but they raffled a MyPhone Infinity 2 Lite. Could this event be more awesome?! (P.S. I’d really like a slice of that cake on the side)


What’s way more awesome than raffling an Infinity 2 Lite is actually winning it! Congratulations Sugar Alesna! #KalikotPhone


Mr. Arjay Yano giving the closing remarks. Thank you so much for inviting me in this event! It was indeed fun and gave me new learnings.


Photo op with my co-bloggers! ‘Twas nice to meet you guys! See you again soon!


Congratulations Ms. Elna Jagape for a successful event! Looking forward to more events from Top Pick Advertising.




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