Beauty Discoveries

 With all the thousands of beauty products in the market, we continuously search out for the best ones. That’s the reason why us girls have a variety of lipsticks and foundations— most of the time in different brands but same shade. So far, these three beauty breakthroughs are a must-try and definitely have my thumbs up.

I personally like Nivea’s Firming Lotion for the reason that it does more than just firm my skin. Thanks to Camu Camu and Acerola Cherry, it can also repair damaged skin like dry skin, uneven skin tone, sun-damaged skin, etc. Yes, this lotion is all that!

 Happy Skin Cosmetics’ Eye Love View Double Duty Eyebrow Duo is currently my favorite! Its dual purpose (pencil and marker) is very useful to me. It could easily be seen through the thick strands of my brows (this has always been my struggle) so it saves me time and money. Also, I love that it has Argan Oil to keep my brow strands nourished plus Vitamin E that keeps the strands healthy.
Magic Beso Balm by Snoe, a Philippine Brand, is a color changing lip treatment. I love applying lip balms after a lip tint for that natural look and this lip balm has all that I need. Again, it’s going to save you all the time you need when you’re already late for work and saves you that extra space in your makeup kit.

Do you have beauty discoveries that help your girlies? Put them in the comment box!




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