Double the Flavor, Double the Fun!


Even before everything else came, there was already ChapStick. I remember when I was in high school, my bus mate was the first one to have the spearmint flavor- and since then, it has been my favorite. So it was a good thing that they came up with ChapStick MixStix – two-sided (yes, it has two flavors) lip balms which flavors you can use individually or mix together to create an even more lush flavor.


The flavors of ChapStick MixStix are very refreshing and I love how the taste is somehow consistent with the smell (let’s admit, some products just taste like wax). If you have to ask me, my personal favorite is the Strawberry Banana Smoothie. It’s amazing how it keeps my lips moisturized throughout the day— but we already know that so let me share with you how I maximize my ChapStick.


Apply ChapStick before you sleep so that it leaves your lips über moisturized throughout the night so there’s no dryness and chapped lips in the morning (I promise!).


Matte lippies really dry out our lips (yes, my lips sometimes chap in the middle of the day because of matte lippies) so before putting on your favorite matte lipstick, apply ChapStick for moisturized, kissable lips be it a day out or a night out. IMG_7078

If you are the type who wants the no-make-up-make-up-look then this is for you. Just put on Chapstick after you apply your lip tint (mine’s lip and cheek tint from The Body Shop) and voilà! You’ll instantly have that effortless au naturel look. Easy, right?

If you wanna get your hands on these MixStix babies, just go to any Watsons branch (that’s where I bought mine).  You may also follow them on Instagram @chapstick for more updates! Enjoy your MixStix!




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