Why it’s OK not to be OK

         Have you ever found yourself sulking about something you don’t even remember? Like something inside your head told you, ‘hey it’s that time of the day again..’? Or something like, you were programmed to feel sad every single day at a given time that at some point you questioned your sanity? Well, one thing’s for sure,  you aren’t going mad. In fact, it’s pretty normal to be sad or emotional  and here are some of the reasons why.

1. You’re human and you’re supposed to feel. Blame it on your humanity, brah. Everyone gets sad at some point in their lives and it’s absolutely normal. After all, you are human and you cannot help it.

2. Just like in the movie Inside Out, life isn’t all about roses and sunshine. Sometimes, you need to feel pain to know you’re alive.

3. Everybody’s felt it—we just have a unique way of handling it. Some pretend to be happy, while others, on the other hand, show that it’s okay not to be okay (kudos to those few), and some people have a very crazy way of hiding their feelings. Bottomline: everybody (excluding no one) has already experienced it.

4. Sadness makes you look at the brighter side of everything. Remember that ex-boyfriend who dumped you? Makes you sad, right? But just the thought of a new one stepping into your life who’s more worth it—I’d bet my life you smiled at the idea.

5. Know that there is a God bigger than your problems. You know how to reach Him.




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