Aquaventure Adventure

Aquaventure in Atlantis- the most breathtaking waterpark I’ve been to. And the wildest. I could not believe we have tried every slide in this place.Well, in order to do that, you have to go to Atlantis at the most non-peak season (never during Eid) or else be ready to queue up for thirty minutes for just one slide.

I know you guys are expecting a lot of photos from this entry but I’d have to apologize because I took videos most of the time, and other times, I was just staring at everything, relishing the moment, hoping I could bring them all home with my photographic memory. So yeah, there’s really not so much pictures in my iPhone nor in my GoPro. Don’t worry though, I’m currently compiling snippets of all the videos I’ve taken and will definitely put them in the Vlog that I’m still cooking. Planning is everything, you know.

the Leap of Faith

To everyone who’s asking, there’s nothing on my face except my Vanicream Sunscreen which you can read about here. Personally, I do not like applying makeup during my trips where water is involved (well, my eyebrows are sometimes an exception). I always want to keep it bare for that au-naturel-no-make-up look. And besides, there’s no point in applying makeup when your face would go wet again and again and again.

So going back to Atlantis, riding the Leap of Faith, Poseidon’s Revenge, and Zoomerango (group slide) is really a must! I’d have to warn you though, these slides would definitely make your heart leap and so I do not recommend them to people with heart problems. There are also other attractions like dolphin feeding, and viewing of the sea creatures while inside the slide- Aaaah! The overall experience is just amazing. The food’s great, too! There are fast food chains and restaurants to choose from. Also, don’t forget the river rides- try the Rapids or the surges at Torrent River. I bet you’ll be like, ‘Shut up and take my money!’ LOL!

For more information on the ticket prices and other attractions in Atlantis, you may visit here.




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