Go Aladin in the Desert Safari

This is part two of my Dubai Travel Diary (OMG, I’m so excited!)! Yes, I am very much excited to share this with you! I am hoping that with these photos, I can make you want to have a vacay in Dubai. Come on, keep scrolling! ♥

 For only AED150 (around PHP1,800), you can already go crazy with the ATVs in the sand dunes. I swear it will be worth it!So, you might be very curious as to how to go on a tour in this stunning place. Well, we just met our tour guide, Tariq, through Uber. I’m an Uber user in Manila and thought why not try it here in Dubai (maybe we’ll be able to ride in a Lambo or Corvette ha ha) . We ended up being fetched by a Land Cruiser instead but it’s not bad, right? We noticed this SUV had roll bars used for dune bashing and so we told him about our plans to go dune bashing and he turned out to be a tourist guide for desert safari so we made a deal with him then and there. That’s destiny, isn’t it? Lol. So, yeah, our trip was kinda accidental but you can have yours scheduled at Miles Tourism if you’re not comfortable making arrangements with somebody you just met.If you have motion sickness, I suggest do not forget to bring a plastic bag because you are definitely going to puke! A video of our dune bashing experience will soon be posted on my VLOG (which is empty for now) for your reference as to how wild can it get! Hold tight!

Is it just me or do these photos look like they’ve come out of a canvas? I know, I know.. Even I was lost for words when I saw the desert for the first time. I was like, ‘Oh God, you’re amazing!’. I could literally stare at it the whole day. The 4×4 we were in was full of ooohs, aaaahs, and wows while all of us were looking around like a child in a toy store. This amazing work of God has exceeded my every expectation of a tourist spot—  I tell you, these photos could not even compare to what it looks like in real life.



Off-shoulders from Zara 

Denim Shorts from Forever 21

Life Essentials Stone Bracelet from Preveia Philippines


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