What To Do On A Long Flight?

It has been said that if you are not very sure of your favorite color, try going through your stuff and you will see that the majority is of a certain color—and yeah, that’s it, that’s your favorite color revealing itself to you.  In my case, they’re pink and black.
I chose to bring my Longchamp Neo in this particular trip because I would be working and so I’ll be needing a bag that’s very spacious but not so big and this Longchamp is just the right size.  And yeah, that neck pillow and MacBook cannot be forgotten.  Okay, so I’ll be flying international meaning I need to be at the NAIA Terminal 2 three hours before my flight. I could’ve just checked in online but I like it traditional so there’ll be more time to try my GoPro (yaaaay).   I opted to wear a white tank top, black leggings, and a long gray cardigan for a comfortable flight. And of course, my Casio vintage watch, and these stone bracelets from Escala (watch out for them in my next blogpost).    Nothing beats the no-makeup-makeup-look (it’s different from the no-makeup-at-all-look, by the way). It’s for the days when I just want to go for the natural look. The light BB cream from Canmake and my lip & cheek tint (this one’s from The Body Shop) will do the trick. Of course, I will never ever miss my brows—I’m using shade 01 from K-Pallete❤️.  The reason why you wouldn’t want to go heavy on your makeup during your flight is because you wouldn’t want to be retouching every now and then. Anyway, you’ll be sleeping half of the time you’re in the plane so might as well do yourself a favor and use light makeup.  There wasn’t much leg room but I’m not in the position to complain since I don’t have long legs (haha) but in fairness with the flight attendants, they were very accomodating with our needs. We even got free eyemasks though I think our seats didn’t entitle us to have one. Thanks, Philippine Airlines!

The best part is we have made friends! Here’s Cyra and Haya striking a pose for us.     Say cheese!!!I really loathe boredom and I know for a fact that there’s not a lot to do on the plane so I decided to bring the coloring book that my friend, Iya gave me as a going away gift. I also brought my current-read just in case I run out of activities to do. We even watched two movies while the lights were out.

We were all expecting to arrive at passed six o’clock (Dubai time) so we were all surprised when we were informed at 4:30pm that we are about to land. But if you add up the time from our arrival to the time we got held up at immigration (I swear it was like a ticket line for One Direction) and the time we spent buying liquor at Duty Free, we got out at around six. Speaking of buying liquor at Duty Free, you are only allowed to buy four liquors each. That’s the maximum you can buy here in Duty Free Dubai.

It’s really important that you prepare especially if you’ll be having a long flight because it would really be a bummer if you get bored and be really uncomfy. Plan out your activities for the whole duration of the flight. ❤️


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