What’s In My Work Bag?

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My work bag consists of three categories: work, mobile, and beauty. If you ask me, my work bag wouldn’t be complete without any of these three.

In my line of work, our booties are not particularly pinned on an office chair. We are, most of the time, if not always, doing field work. So yeah, no time-ins for me (how lucky, right?)

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Yes, I only bring one journal and a pen where I can write as many drafts of the plans I have for the week or month. As much as I’d like to bring my planner, my iPad already has everything. She (yes, it’s a she) keeps everything for me – my schedule, my upcoming meetings with clients, and since I am a very forgetful person (just sometimes), my iPad also keeps my pin codes to everything – but they’re somewhere safe so don’t even think about it.

Multitasking is now one of the skills you must have to keep up in this fast-paced world. So I’d say this Jabra EASYGO is a must. You can accept calls while driving or even when you’re doing something and your hands are full. Plus, you can even play music in this little thing. Amazing, isn’t it?

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And since this iPad is very important to my everyday itineraries, it is essential that I have my powerbank with me along with my Smart Bro pocket wi-fi. If these babies have power, it’s a win-win situation for me and my online life. I can connect with my clients and I can easily update my website and easily connect with my readers the whole day.

And of course, since I’m out the whole day, I would be needing my Vanicream Sunscreen SPF 35 and my Sunnies by Charlie sunglasses to protect my skin and eyes from the UV rays of the sun or else my dermatologist, Dra. Amon (from Makati Medical Center) would really give me some spanking – hi, doc!

Also, bringing along with me everyday are two of my favourite shades from NYX (Istanbul) and MAC (Russian Red) and my Shourouk blush form Sephora. I bring these two so that I can use Instabul for my client meetings and errands during the day and I have Russian Red to back me up for when friends call for an emergency night out! That and a spray of Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret will do the trick.




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