2015Just a thought. Have you ever thought of reinventing yourself? Because I have and I actually am trying to reinvent myself. Not that I literally want to change ‘me’ – it’s more like being able to know myself better and experimenting on how to revamp the present me. I know some of you would think that this is a no-no and that I should stick to being myself but it’s not just all about changing who I am (I do love myself FYI), it’s more about improving to be my best self in my twenty-something years of existence. You must think that reinvention is merely to undergo a change in physical appearance but it’s not just that. Let me ask you: what do people say when they think about you? Do they strike you as someone nice? Ms. Popular, maybe? Or a bitch back in high school? Someone fun to be with or maybe one of the druggies from college?  Whatever it is, it really doesn’t matter now. Just think about what you want people to remember when they think about you, integrate it within yourself, and slowly, everything else will follow. XO, Lara


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